We’re Challenging All Central Florida Corporate and Civic Leaders to Step up and Lead by Example.

Improve your health and wellness and inspire your employees to improve theirs. Do you work for or manage a health conscious company? Share your story and make sure your company is included in our growing list of work places that believe healthy employees make for a healthy business. Nominate your boss for recognition and he or she may even be the subject of a Central Florida Executive Challenge video feature.

The Central Florida Executive Challenge is Dedicated to the Memory of Gary Sain.

As President and CEO of Visit Orlando, Gary made Orlando one of the top travel destinations in the world. Until he passed away suddenly at the age of 61, Gary lived every day with passion and enthusiasm and credited his active lifestyle with giving him the energy to excel at a stressful job. He believed in helping his 175 staff members pursue active, healthy lifestyles and launched initiatives to encourage healthy habits.

Gary believed that inspiring his staff to pursue wellness was not only the right thing to do for them, it improved job satisfaction, morale and productivity. Help spread Gary's message that good health is good business. Tell a friend about the Central Florida Executive Challenge today!