Meet The Executive Challengers!

These men and women have committed to health and fitness in Central Florida, and have dedicated themselves and their companies to creating and supporting a health conscious workplace.

Sara Brady

PR professional Sara Brady explains how even though she didn’t start running until a few years ago, it’s become a crucial component of her mental and physical health.

Mindy Kobrin

She’s a business owner, lifestyle expert, fitness fanatic and passionate about helping others change their lives. Mindy Kobrin says it’s up to her fellow executives to lead by example.

Buddy Dyer

As the face of one of the largest and most-visited cities (50 million people come to Orlando every year), Mayor Buddy Dyer says he didn’t like what he was seeing in the mirror. Now, he works out several times a week with a trainer as well as on his own, attending yoga classes and even taking part in stand-up paddle boarding.

Jon Hughes

As co-owner of Central Florida’s Track Shack, Jon Hughes not only believes that running is big business, he knows it can unlock passion in anyone.

Beverly Marshall-Luney

Beverly Marshall-Luney is a highly connected business executive in a very demanding role who ran into a string of bad health luck a few years ago. See how she changed her life and became a passionate advocate for healthy lifestyles.

Pat Williams

In his 72 years, Pat Williams has been a minor league baseball player, the general manager of four NBA teams, the author of nearly 80 books, a motivational speaker, a marathoner who has completed nearly 60 races and the parent of 19 children, including 14 adopted from around the world. And for the past year, […]

Robert Stuart

Orlando City Commissioner Robert Stuart has spent 44 seasons as an umpire for Little League Baseball. He doesn’t get paid, at least not in the normal way. He cashes in on passion — for the kids, for the sport and for how it helps him live a more active and healthy life. Stuart says that […]

Tony Jenkins

His day job involves working with people and businesses across Florida, encouraging them to find ways to make health and wellness part of their personal and corporate culture. At night, he’s stretching and contorting his body into incredible positions in his 105-degree Bikram yoga classes. For Tony Jenkins, Market President for Central and Northwest Florida […]

Ann Sonntag

She thought she was healthy — she certainly looked and felt it, putting in long days as a powerful executive in Orlando, Florida. When she had the chance to try out some cutting-edge new imaging equipment at Florida Hospital, Ann Sonntag thought it would be a fun chance to look at her heart and to […]

Lars Houmann

Lars Houmann, President and CEO of Florida Hospital, oversees one of the largest hospital systems in America. He’s committed to the health and welfare of not only the patients that come through his hospitals’ doors but each and every employees. With more than 2,100 beds, the seven-hospital system serves the Orlando metropolitan area. Florida Hospital […]