Tony Jenkins

His day job involves working with people and businesses across Florida, encouraging them to find ways to make health and wellness part of their personal and corporate culture. At night, he’s stretching and contorting his body into incredible positions in his 105-degree Bikram yoga classes. For Tony Jenkins, Market President for Central and Northwest Florida […]

Growing Bolder With… Rowdy Gaines: Take Risks

It’s time to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new! Olympian Rowdy Gaines says that at the beginning of his swimming career, he struggled with disqualifications because of a problem he had at the start. Rather than conform to everyone else, Rowdy was able to create a new type of start — […]

Growing Bolder With… Rowdy Gaines: Peaks and Valleys

In life, we celebrate the good times — and often rue the bad. But Olympian Rowdy Gaines says that in his experience, the times that he has faced difficulty and defeat made him a better athlete and a better person. Hear how the United States’ decision to boycott the Olympic Games in Moscow slowed Rowdy […]

Growing Bolder With… Rowdy Gaines: Self-Doubt

Do you doubt your own abilities? Olympian Rowdy Gaines say we all deal with doubts but some are better at overcoming them than others. So what makes the difference? Rowdy shares his experience with being bad at things before he was good, and explains why he thinks that changing your internal attitude can be the […]

Join the Healthy 100 Central Florida Executive Challenge!

What is the Central Florida Executive Challenge? It’s leading by example. It’s Central Florida business and civic leaders providing both the inspiration and the opportunity for their employees to pursue wellness. Take a look at some of the executives who have committed to making their businesses health conscious and inspiring their communities: Lars Houmann, President […]

Jumpin' Joe and the Joe Dome

Joe Johnston may be one of the greatest masters pole vaulters of all-time and this may be one of the greatest masters track stories of all-time. Where else are you going to be amazed, have a laugh and learn the secret to life? More about Joe Johnston: Joe has held age world records in both […]

Recapturing a Shattered Spirit

Challenges are nothing new to Martha Carswell. She was a member of the first-ever professional women’s basketball team, and she fell in love with triathlons years before they were cool. But when her bike was hit head on by a van, it shattered more than her body. For her, Growing Bolder is about recapturing her […]

Andrea Kremer's Two Faces of Success

The Rowdy Gaines Masters Classic presented by LIMU is very quickly becoming one of the marquee masters swimming meets in the world. It’s a pool full of inspiration. So who gets the Growing Bolder Inspiration Award? And why? Here’s a hint: she makes her living looking perfect in front of the camera, yet was bold […]

The 75-Year-Old Bodybuilding Champion

Jim Shaffer was never athletic, but at the age of 54, he decided to stop smoking and start working out. Something totally unexpected happened — he liked it! How much? Well, now, at the age of 75, he is stronger and healthier than ever. Oh, yes, he’s also a champion bodybuilder! See how he made […]

Growing Bolder With…Pat Williams: Do What You Love

People ask Pat Williams all the time — what does it take to be successful and happy? He shares his advice for finding what you love to do, getting paid to do it and figuring out when it’s time to reinvent yourself and find new goals. For more 60-Second Pep Talks, visit our Pep Talks […]