Need Some Motivation?

Sometimes, the best incentive to start changing your life is to see how others are making it work -- that's the idea of The Challenge; sharing the stories of companies and executives across Central Florida in the hopes that it will inspire people across the area to make their own small steps. These stories come from people of all ages, overcoming obstacles and proving that it's never too late to get healthy.

Jumpin' Joe and the Joe Dome

Joe Johnston may be one of the greatest masters pole vaulters of all-time and this may be one of the greatest masters track stories of all-time. Where else are you going to be amazed, have a laugh and learn the secret to life? More about Joe Johnston: Joe has held age world records in both […]

Recapturing a Shattered Spirit

Challenges are nothing new to Martha Carswell. She was a member of the first-ever professional women’s basketball team, and she fell in love with triathlons years before they were cool. But when her bike was hit head on by a van, it shattered more than her body. For her, Growing Bolder is about recapturing her […]

Andrea Kremer's Two Faces of Success

The Rowdy Gaines Masters Classic presented by LIMU is very quickly becoming one of the marquee masters swimming meets in the world. It’s a pool full of inspiration. So who gets the Growing Bolder Inspiration Award? And why? Here’s a hint: she makes her living looking perfect in front of the camera, yet was bold […]

The 75-Year-Old Bodybuilding Champion

Jim Shaffer was never athletic, but at the age of 54, he decided to stop smoking and start working out. Something totally unexpected happened — he liked it! How much? Well, now, at the age of 75, he is stronger and healthier than ever. Oh, yes, he’s also a champion bodybuilder! See how he made […]

Life's Little Miracles

She’s not really an athlete. She’s a retired biologist who loves adventure. That’s why 96-year-old Mary Anne Cooper traveled from British Columbia to Arizona to compete in the U.S. Masters Swimming National Championships. “I’m always looking for the little miracles,” she tells us. “Not the big things. The little miracles. The nice happy little things […]

How to Live to a Healthy 100

Is it really possible for all of us to live to be a Healthy 100? The short answer is yes, because contrary to popular belief, how long and how well you live is largely determined by your lifestyle, not your genes. Des Cummings Jr., executive vice president of Florida Hospital, is on a mission to […]