Beverly Marshall-Luney

Beverly Marshall-Luney is the vice president of investor relations and events for the Metro Orlando Economic Development Commission and sits on boards of Give Kids the World, the Orlando Magic and the Rollins College School of Business.

She’s a highly connected business executive in a very demanding position who ran into a string of bad health luck a few years ago. In a four-year period, she broke her ankle, a knee, her wrist and had a blood infection.

Those experiences may have battered her body but they boosted her spirit. She says they made her realize that quality of life really is centered around healthy lifestyles.

After years of joining gyms and trying to work out on her own, she made the discovery that would change her health journey forever.

Find out what she does now to stay healthy and how it’s helped her better handle the daily pressures of her high-stakes job and given her the energy to do the things she loves, such as traveling around the world.

She has a message for anyone of any age and any condition.

Join Beverly Marshall-Luney in the Healthy 100 Central Florida Executive Challenge.

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Click here to learn more about the Metro Orlando Economic Development Commission.

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