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We LOVE hearing about workplace wellness programs across Central Florida — but we need your help to recognize the great work that Executives and others are doing. Please take a moment and submit your story and we’ll share it with the world! Plus, you’ll get some great benefits just for participating in the Central Florida Executive Challenge.

Submitted by Stephanie Watkins, Employee

I nominate Ed Moss for continuously supporting the efforts of the Moss Krusick wellness team. Whether it’s requiring snacks in the break room be healthy to allowing employees to enjoy a variety of initiatives of the wellness program.

Moss Krusick & Associates, LLC’s (MKA) wellness program is an endeavor by the public accounting firm to combat the demanding and stressful work environment that can come with the industry today. From global uncertainty to complicated tax reforms, MKA understands that our employees need to be at their sharpest at all times. Our business acumen is what drives our nationally ranking growth, which propelled us to expand our workforce 50% over the past 2 years. Keeping that workforce at its best is at the heart of our wellness program.

We owe a great deal of thanks to the programs and offerings of community leaders such as the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce, Florida Hospital, Healthy Central Florida, the Winter Park Community Center, and more. We could not have maintained such a high quality wellness program without their generosity.

Thanks to Work Well Winter Park spearheaded by the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce, MKA was able to offer:

  • free weekly workout sessions after work at the nearby community center
  • free monthly health educational series lunches with top-notch speakers
  • weekly healthy tip email blasts
  • t-shirts
  • twice weekly walks around beautiful Park Avenue and more

Our other partnerships have also been tremendously valuable to creating the culture of healthy living at MKA.

Other internal wellness initiatives include, but not limited to:

  • e-mail blasts to all employees highlighting individual accomplishments and healthy resources
  • in-office massages for busy season
  • participation for two years in a row in the President’s 8-week Active Lifestyle Award Fitness Challenge paired with incentives
    • incentives included weekly gift card awards, big prize drawings and completion certificates and goodies. Employee family members were encouraged to join

We also hosted several additional lunch ‘n’ learns and team building activities.

MKA gives all employees monthly deposits into their Health Savings Accounts for maintaining a healthy lifestyle totaling $360 per year. MKA is also flexible to accommodate employee needs such as families and education. MKA provides healthy snack alternatives from popcorn to soda alternatives and more!

The greatest result we have seen is the shift in culture in and out of the office. We now have a couple of people working out at the Community Center during lunch, others are walking more during lunch, and the guys have an after work basketball meet-up at the Community Center. We have seen many positive attitude and choice changes throughout MKA.

Our most effective tool in creating a culture of health is community. The strengthening of the relationships and attitudes at our large office has been vital to making changes that last beyond lunches. This is why we were thrilled to be awarded Orlando Sentinel’s 2012 Community Service Champion Award and listed in its 2012 Top 100 Companies for Working Families. These accomplishments and our extensive community volunteer efforts unite an office where so much of the work is done independently, sitting down, and at a desk.

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